Full Frame Directors Viewfinder PL Mount

Love High Speed's Full Frame Directors Viewfinder (PL Mount) is a compact optical handheld unit for viewing through the lens without the need for a camera.

With the ability to accurately cover all PL mounted lenses up to full frame with an maximum image circle of 45mm.

The Ground Glasses are fully customisable, specific frame specifications can be requested for bespoke lens coverage and frame line.

Ground Glasses available for:

RED Monstro 8K Vista Vision
Arri Alexa LF
Sony Venice
Phantom Flex4K

Full Frame Lenses Supported:

Arri Signature, Zeiss Supreme, Cooke S7, Leica Thalia, Tokina Full Frame, Sigma Full Frame

  • Covers Lenses with an image circle up to 45mm
  • Fully Optical with an adjustable diopter
  • PL Lens Mounted
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Customisable Ground Glasses to meet any requirements